Tarpaulin is manufactured by us using the best quality of raw materials and colors. We use high quality of PP / HDPE / LDPE MATERIAL.
H.D.P.E. tarpaulins are used in various industries like, transportation, agriculture, infrastructure, logistics, Constructions, household etc. They are well suited for various applications like truck covers, and also for all type of vehicles funication covers, tents, canal and ponds lining, shelters, machine covers, rock and shade covers (cement, food grains, sugar, machineries etc.).
• Cost effective, light in weight,heavy in protection
• Unaffected from microbial attacks, chemicals and alkalies
• Durable / tear lasting and puncture resistan Shrinkproof, easy to handle and clean
• HRFRLS (Heat resistant, fire retardant and low smoke) Material: HDPE/LDPE/PP
• Customization facility in various colours is available